In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Georgia Christian University seeks to give equal opportunity and access to students with disability. The Office of Student Affairs coordinates accommodation requests of students with disability for the university. A student with disability who requires special attention or accommodation is advised to contact any officers at Student Affairs as soon as possible to establish his/her disability and make “Reasonable accommodation” requests.

    Student should submit in writing the following information:
    1) The nature of disability or special requests
    2) Any documents establishing the disability or special need
    3) Student’s request for special accommodation

    As some accommodation may take time to arrange or to be coordinated, requests should be made as soon as possible after a student is admitted to Georgia Christian University. On the day of Orientation for new students or during the first week of semester, the designated officer will meet with the student to discuss the request; then the request is submitted to The Academic and Judicial Committee for further recommendations for accommodation.


    IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS to remember Electricity
    Georgia Power Co. (888) 660-5890
    Jackson EMC (770) 963-6166
    Sawnee EMC (770) 887-2363
    Natural Gas Services (877) GAS-CHOICE
    Gwinnett Public Utilities (678) 376-6800
    Cable Services
    Charter Communications Inc. (800) 955-7766
    Comcast (404) COMCAST
    Telephone Services
    BellSouth (888) 757-6500
    City Offices
    Auburn (770) 963-4002
    Berkeley Lake (770) 368-9484
    Braselton (770) 654-3915
    Buford (770) 945-6761
    Dacula (770) 963-7451
    Duluth (770) 476-3434
    Grayson (770) 963-8017
    Lawrenceville (770) 963-2414
    Lilburn (770) 921-2210
    Loganville (770) 466-1165
    Norcross (770) 448-2122
    Snellville (770) 985-3500
    Sugar Hill (770) 945-6716
    Suwanee (770) 945-8996
    County Offices
    General Information (770) 822-8000
    School Systems
    Buford City (770) 945-5035
    Gwinnett County Board of Education (770) 963-8651
    Tag Office
    (770) 822-8801
    Transportation Info
    (770) 822-7400
    Police, fire & other emergencies
    County Police Administration (770) 513-5000
    County Fire Administration (770) 513-5500
    Other emergencies 911
    Tourism Info
    Gwinnett Convention & Visitors Bureau (770) 623-3600

    How do I get my power turned on?
    You can apply for electric service online! You will need the following information to apply for service:

    xYour name (or name for the primary account holder, if different)
    Service address (where the power is to be turned on)
    County, Lot, and Neighborhood information (if the home is new)
    Home phone
    Alternate phone number (work, etc.)
    Social Security Number (of the primary account holder)
    Authorized adult name
    Mailing address (if different than service address)
    Effective date you would like service to be turned on (Monday through Saturday)
    Temporary contact information for us to use during the installation process
    Descriptions of any access problems such as locked gates, dogs, etc.

    We can connect your electric service Monday through Saturday (service is not available on Sunday). Orders submitted up to 5PM are eligible for next day service. Please note that we will not be able to provide next day service for new service requests requiring installation or other construction work (digging, etc.).
    Have to pay a deposit when applying for new service?
    If you have not yet established credit with the service provider, you may be asked to pay a security deposit. We will get a credit score through a credit reporting agency to determine whether a deposit is necessary for your account. If you are required to pay a deposit, and then pay your residential statements on time for 12 consecutive months, the provider will refund your deposit plus interest.
    How is the amount of the deposit determined?
    If required, the deposit amount for a residential account is twice the average monthly bill of the residence (not to exceed $150.00). If the provider does not have a sufficient usage history for the location, the deposit will not exceed $150.00.
    Is there any way to avoid paying a deposit?
    No – If a deposit is required it cannot be waived.
    Are there any connection fees?
    Yes – a service establishment fee of $30.00 will be included on your first month’s bill.