A. Purpose:

Georgia Christian University is an educational institution to glorify God by equipping students who will proclaim God’s Word and to build up the body of Christ through education.  GCU seeks to maintain an appropriate balance between training for effective vocational ministries and academics.

Master’s Degree Program standard at Georgia Christian University is in alignment with the guideline of the Accreditation Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM). GCU’s Oriental Medicine Program which requires at least four years in length after at least two years of accredited postsecondary education develops student ability to care patients and enhance learning

B. Objective:

The primary objective of School of Oriental Medicine at Georgia Christian University is to cultivate compatible herb doctors and oriental medicine practitioners equipped with knowledge and clinical competence.

Continual studies and clinical experiments by GCU’s exceptional teaching staff and research structure at top-notch facility shall modernize the field of Oriental Medicine and further contribute to the society in needs of gaining a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge and skill.

C. degree tendered:

When successfully complete 4-year academic curriculum at GCU, graduates will receive Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine, with which candidates are qualified to apply for a Certification by The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Certification Examinations are given three times a year in February, July, and November by The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.


D. admission policies

Applicants for admission to Georgia Christian University will be considered regardless of race, color, gender, and handicap, or national or ethnic origin according to our Non-discriminatory Policy.  The prospective student is assessed according to academic background, moral character, and personal statement of faith by the Office of Admissions. Georgia Christian University reserves the right to refuse admission to any prospective students who does not meet our standard of excellence.

Applicants for GCU’s School of Oriental Medicine shall submit valid documents of the following requirements;

All forms must be provided in English. (When not available, notarized translated form should be attached)

GCU’s Faculty Admission Committee shall examine the application to determine the admissions per applicant, and the admission letter will be mailed to the addressee promptly.

Each applicant must submit the following forms to the Admissions office accompanied by a non-refundable $100.00 application fee. All forms should be received no later than 30 days prior to beginning of the semester in which the student seeks enrollment.


1. Application form for admission

2. $ 100.00 non-refundable application fee

3. A brief autobiographical statement

4. A certified copy of his/her diploma (equivalent to 2-year postsecondary education) with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or its equivalent from an accredited college or university.

5. Official transcripts of all college, university, or seminary records, showing all courses pursued, the grades received, and the degree(s) earned.

6. Two recommendations completed by the references listed on the application.

7. Two recent photographs


The Faculty Admissions Committee will review various indicators of potential academic success. Whenever it is deemed necessary, the Admissions Committee may request a personal interview with the candidate for admission.

When the necessary information and fees have been received, action will be taken on the application by the Admissions Committee.  The Faculty Admissions Committee / Office of Admissions will notify the applicant.  An approved student application to Georgia Christian University is valid for one year from the date of original approval.


Admissions for International Students

Georgia Christian University welcomes international students.  At Georgia Christian University, applicant files are classified as “international” if they meet any of the criteria listed below.  Supplemental application materials are needed for each of the following criteria, so review this Web site carefully to see what is needed in your specific case.

You are not a U.S. citizen and are currently in the United States on an F-1 (student) visa.

You will require an F-1 visa to enter and study in the United States.

You are currently in the United States on some other class of visa. Please submit a copy of the visa from your passport.


In addition to the university’s general admission requirements, the international student must follow the procedures listed below:

l  Official Report on TOEFL (Admission requirement: or

l  Passing Result from GCU’s Placement Test on English Proficiency

l  If Fail from the GCU’s Placement Test on English Proficiency, the applicant may be issued with conditional I-20 for ESOL studies at GCU.


Transferring Students

Students who intend to transfer to G.C.U and enter the School of Oriental Medicine should consult with an adviser to select first and second year courses that will ensure progress toward the degree.


E. General Requirements

During four Academic Years of given curriculum, minimum of 154 credits or 2688 hours of academic requirement plus Institutional Requirement for each semester enrolled is strictly enforced to graduate with degree;

  1. Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture Theory (720 Hours; 45 Credits)

Ÿ   OM501 Principles of Oriental Medicine-I                                                   3/48

Ÿ   OM502 Principles of Oriental Medicine-II                                                  3/48

Ÿ   OM 503 Terminology of Oriental Medicine                                                 3/48

Ÿ   OM504 History of Oriental Medicine                                                        3/48

Ÿ   OM504 Studies on OM Classics                                                              3/48

Ÿ   MRAP 500 Theory of Meridian & Acupuncture-I                                       3/48

Ÿ   MRAP 600 Theory of Meridian & Acupuncture -II                                   3/48

Ÿ   MRAP700 Theory of Meridian & Acupuncture -III                                   3/48

Ÿ   MRAP800 Theory of Meridian & Acupuncture -IV                                   3/48

Ÿ   OMIM600 OM Internal Medicine-I                                                            2/32

Ÿ   OMIM603 OM Internal Medicine-II                                                           2/32

Ÿ   OMIM604 OM Internal Medicine-III                                                         2/32

Ÿ   OMG705 OM Gynecology                                                                      2/32

Ÿ   OMP710 OM Pediatrics                                                                      2/32

Ÿ   OMO720 OM Ophthalmology/Otolaryngology                                         2/32

Ÿ   OMN730 OM Neuropsychiatry                                                                 2/32

Ÿ   DOM600 Diagnosis of OM                                                                    2/48

Ÿ   SCM740 Sa-Sang Constitutional Medicine                                                 2/48

  1. Didactic Oriental Herbal Studies (28 Credits/456 Hours)

Ÿ   HB500 Theory of Oriental Herbology –I                                                     2/36

Ÿ   HB600 Theory of Oriental Herbology –II                                                    2/36

Ÿ   HB610 Herbs : Category-I                                                                3/48

Ÿ   HB620 Herbs : Category-II                                                               3/48

Ÿ   HB630 Herbs : Category-III                                                              3/48

Ÿ   HB640 Herbs : Category-IV                                                             3/48

Ÿ   HBF650 Oriental Herbal Formulas-I                                               3/48

Ÿ   HBF660 Oriental Herbal Formulas-II                                                        3/48

Ÿ   HBF750 Oriental Herbal Formulas-III                                                       3/48

Ÿ   HBF760 Oriental Herbal Formulas-IV                                                        3/48

  1. Acupuncture/Oriental Herbology Clinic (42 Credits/888 Hours)

Ÿ   CAP800 Clinical Acupuncture-I                                                             3/75

Ÿ   CAP803 Clinical Acupuncture-II                                                            3/75

Ÿ   CAP805 Clinical Acupuncture-III                                                           3/75

Ÿ   CAP808 Clinical Acupuncture-IV                                                            3/75

Ÿ   CHB800 Clinical Herbology-I                                                               3/75

Ÿ   CHB803 Clinical Herbology-II                                                              3/75

Ÿ   CHB805 Clinical Herbology-III                                                             3/75

Ÿ   CHB808 Clinical Herbology-IV                                                              3/75

Ÿ   CP850 Case Study & Clinical Practice-I                                                3/48

Ÿ   CP860 Case Study & Clinical Practice-II                                               3/48

Ÿ   CP870 Case Study & Clinical Practice-III                                              3/48

Ÿ   CP880 Case Study & Clinical Practice-IV                                               3/48

Ÿ   TOM800 Physical Therapy of OM (Tui Na/Acupressure)                          3/48

Ÿ   TT800 Treatment of Trauma                                                             3/48

       4.  Biomedicine (33 Credits/528 Hrs)

Ÿ   BM500 Biology                                                                             3/48

Ÿ   BM510 Chemistry                                                                           3/48

Ÿ   BM530 Bio-chemistry                                                                       3/48

Ÿ   COM700 Clinical Psychology for OM                                                         3/48

Ÿ   WM600 Terminology of Western Medicine                                                 3/48

Ÿ   WM620 Physiology of Western Medicine                                                    3/48

Ÿ   WM700 Pathology of Western Medicine                                                      3/48

Ÿ   ANT700 Anatomy-I                                                                          3/48

Ÿ   ANT705 Anatomy-II                                                                         3/48

Ÿ   PM700 Pharmacology                                                                        3/48

Ÿ   CNT800 Clinical Nutrition                                                               3/48

Ÿ   LP800 Laboratory Diagnosis                                                                3/48

Ÿ   PH 500 Public Health                                                                      3/48

         5. Counseling, Communications, Ethics, Practice Management (6 Credits/96 Hours) 

Ÿ   EOM500 Christian Ethics for OM                                                            3/48

Ÿ   OM650 Informatics for OM                                                               3/48

Ÿ   CM800 Clinic Management                                                               3/48

         Institutional Requirements (IR)

GCU requires all students to attend WS501 Institutional Requirement (chapel service). Students will receive a Pass/Fail grade on Institutional Requirement.



Above courses stated above are grouped in six fields and sequenced for four years of education as follows;


  • 1styear
    • OM500 Principles of Oriental Medicine-I                                                            3/48
    • OM502 Principles of Oriental Medicine-II                                                           3/48
    • OM503 Terminology of Oriental Medicine                                                          3/48
    • OM504 History of Oriental Medicine                                                                 3/48
    • OM505 Studies on OM Classics                                                              3/48
    • HB500 Theory of Oriental Herbology –I                                               2/36
    • MRAP 500 Theory of Meridian & Acupuncture                                                  3/48
    • BM500 Biology                                                                                      3/48
    • BM510 Chemistry                                                                                    3/48
    • WM620 Physiology of Western Medicine                                                            3/48
    • EOM500 Christian Ethics for OM                                                                     3/48

  • 2ndyear
    • OMIM 600 OM Internal Medicine-I                                                                      2/32
    • OMIM603 OM Internal Medicine-II                                                                      2/32
    • OMIM604 OM Internal Medicine-III                                                                     2/32
    • DOM600 Diagnosis of OM                                                                               2/32
    • DOM610 Diagnosis of OM                                                                               2/32
    • HB600 Theory of Oriental Herbology –II                                              2/36
    • MRAP600 Theory of Meridian & Acupuncture-II                                               3/48
    • MRAP700 Theory of Meridian & Acupuncture-III                                             3/48
    • MRAP800 Theory of Meridian & Acupuncture-IV                                             3/48
    • HB610 Herbs : Category-I                                                                             4/64
    • HB620 Herbs : Category-II                                                                            4/64
    • HB630 Herbs : Category-III                                                                           4/64
    • HBF650 Oriental Herbal Formulas-I                                                                    3/48
    • HBF660 Oriental Herbal Formulas-II                                                                   3/48


  • 3rdyear
    • OMG705 OM Gynecology                                                                                 2/32
    • OMP710 OM Pediatrics                                                                                 2/32
    • OMO720 OM Ophthalmology/Otolaryngology                                                   2/32
    • OMN730 OM Neuropsychiatry                                                               2/32
    • SCM740 Sa-Sang Constitutional Medicine                                                          3/48
    • HBF750 Oriental Herbal Formulas-III                                                                  3/48
    • HBF760 Oriental Herbal Formulas-IV                                                                  3/48
    • COM700 Clinical Psychology for OM                                                                  3/48
    • ANT700 Anatomy-I                                                                                   3/48
    • ANT705 Anatomy-II                                                                                  3/48
    • PM700 Pharmacology                                                                               3/48
    • CNT800 Clinical Nutrition                                                                            3/48
    • CAP800 Clinical Acupuncture-I                                                              3/75
    • CHB800 Clinical Herbology-I                                                                 3/75


  • 4thyear
    • CAP803 Clinical Acupuncture-II                                                                       3/75
    • CAP805 Clinical Acupuncture-III                                                                      3/75
    • CAP808 Clinical Acupuncture-IV                                                                       3/75
    • CHB803 Clinical Herbology-II                                                                3/75
    • CHB805 Clinical Herbology-III                                                               3/75
    • CHB808 Clinical Herbology-IV                                                              3/75
    • CP850 Case study & Clinical practice-I                                                           3/48
    • CP860 Case study & Clinical practice-II                                               3/48
    • CP870 Case study & Clinical practice-III                                              3/48
    • CP880 Case study & Clinical practice-IV                                              3/48
    • TT800 Treatment of Trauma                                                                            3/48
    • LP800 Laboratory Diagnosis                                                                           3/48
    • CM800 Clinic Management                                                                              3/48