New Administrative Staff Appointed 신임 및 변경 보직 안내

SY 2013-2014 new and/or changed administrative staff are announced as follows:

Office of Planning & Institutional Development

Director:  Hee Sook Song, Ph.D.

Assistant Director: Younghee Han, MBA

Coordinator:  Ju Hyun Chun, MA

Office of Admissions

Director: Ji Hyun Kim, MA

Office of Academic Affairs

Director: Seung-Ju Baick, Ph.D.

Assistant Director: Mi A Kang, D.Min.

ESOL Coordinator: Alain Gallie, MA

Office of Student Affairs & Chaplain

Director: Hyun Sung Cho, D. Min.

Library & Information Technology/GCU Press

Senior Director: Jong Sik Chang, Ph.D.

Public Relations

Coordinator: Sam Young Kim, D. Min.