On Campus

Resident Life on Campus

Georgia Christian University has four dormitory buildings located in Lilburn, Georgia. Two of the buildings are for male students and other two are for female students. There are no co-ed facilities available at present time.

Each building has three furnished bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living area and a laundry room. All common areas are shared by the others in the building. If you are interested in dormitory residency, fill out the dormitory application and turn it into the registrar’s office.

Here are some rules and regulations for our dormitories.

  1. Dormitories are open from 9am to 9pm. Without permission, no visitors are allowed off hours. Students may leave after 5am and need to report back before 11:30pm.
  2. There will be no gambling, smoking, drinking and/or any violent activities in the dormitories.
  3. No pets are allowed.
  4. The resident will be responsible to replace and/or fix the item(s) for any damages to the facilities or equipments.
  5. Be Courteous to others with noises, trash, temperature and/or their personal belongings.
  6. Use common sense!


Guest Housing:

Guest rooms are available for short-term guests and prospective students visiting the university sites. The cost of a guest room is $25 per night per person, and the payment should be arranged and made to the Office of Business Affairs prior to actual staying; then formal accommodation request is made to the Department of Housing for further assistance.

Cable Television:

Even if GCU’s dormitories are equipped with television, cable television services or satellite service should be arranged at inquirer’s own expense. Installation charges vary and monthly service charge is averaging $39.00 per month. The request for installation should be made through the service from the Department of Housing at GCU.

Conservation of Energy:

To conserve energy and reduce utility costs, please turn off lights or any other electrical appliances when not in use. Excessive use or waste of utility may cause increase of housing expenses regardless of all the efforts that GCU is exerting to minimize the additional costs for students receiving housing services.


Because GCU admits students from a variety of cultures without any discrimination, and students may live within limited space of residential facilities, we ask that you be sensitive to your neighbors if you are cooking foods with strong odor. Please open your windows and utilize the fans to eliminate odor and ventilate.


Students or guests may provide their own furniture at their living facility. Furniture that you place in common areas in the space must be shared and used by all persons living in the facility. For a $45 monthly fee, residents may rent a set of furniture for their room. This set includes a bed, desk, chair, dresser, lamp, bookshelf. Televisions or other electrical or electronic devices are not included and those items should be furbished by the resident only.

Heating or Air Conditioning:

At all GCU’s dormitories, central heating and air-conditioning are available. Regardless of the weather patterns or climate changes, this system is always operable and they may by used at any time of resident’s interest.