We welcome you in the name of Jesus Christ for visiting and supporting Georgia Christian University.

Georgia Christian University (GCU) is a Christian faith- based university established with the aim to train and cultivate global talents equipped with intelligence, spirituality and moral character. For the past twenty years, GCU has provided an in-depth education in liberal arts accompanied with Christian theology, spiritual, and educational training programs to teach and train many ordained and lay leaders who are working not only in the United States but also in Asia, Africa and Korea.

Georgia Christian University will continue its mission to become salt and light of the world (Matthew 5:13-16) until the Second Advent of Jesus Christ. GCU will also dedicate its best efforts to foster individual student’s talents that can participate in the restoration and revival of the churches and communities in the United States, Korea and throughout the world. We sincerely ask for your support in prayer so that we may achieve this goal.

May the love and grace of Christ be with you all who join us in building and expanding the kingdom of God upon this land. Shalom!

Young Ihl Chang, Ph.D.