Welcome to Georgia Christian University. The vision of Georgia Christian University is to glorify God by equipping students to proclaim God’s Word and to build up the body of Christ through education. To that end, GCU emphasizes spiritual maturity, personal integrity, Biblical competence and professional skills.  The foundation of our philosophy of education is based on the Bible.  Our commitment to Jesus Christ is the driving force in achieving the God-given tasks.  We are a small university, but vigorous to move ahead with new purposes and objectives to meet the challenges facing us in the twenty-first century.  We are trying to touch and transform the world through Christian higher education. GCU is a fundamentally bilingual and bicultural institution, thus making us fully sensitive to the tasks of globalization, information technology, and multi-culture. I invite you to come and experience an adventurous, creative, and cross-cultural learning at the School of Business, the School of Christianity,  the School of Divinity, the School of Music, the School of Mission Studies, and the School of Oriental Medicine at GCU. You will receive a solid education where academic competency is united with a passion for your profession, where mature discipleship and personal integrity are emphasized with practical skills. Welcome!
    Paul C. Kim, Th.D.
    President/ Founder